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VMworld 2012 Meet The Experts Program

Just like last year VMworld 2012 will have the Meet the Experts program in full swing.  However it has changed a bit for VMworld 2012 so you may want to get the information from the VMworld website.  The program basically consists of the Meet the Experts Reception on Monday Night at 5:00 in the Meet the Experts Lounge located in Moscone West Level 2.  There is also the VMworld Expert Group Discussions that are available in the Session Builder.  All the Experts will also have one or two 60 minute blocks for smaller 1:few appointments at set times.  All my VMworld meet the Expert blocks are on my 2012 VMworld schedule Blog Post.   You will need to set up those on site either before the reception or after but don’t wait too long!  Get to the Experts lounge first thing and book the slots you want as soon as you can.  Just some of the experts you can choose to talk to are:

  • Chris Colotti – Consulting Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • Tommy Walker – Principal SE, VMware, Inc.
  • George Gerchow – Director, Center for Policy & Compliance, VMware, Inc.
  • William Lam – Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, VMware, Inc.
  • Alan Renouf – Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • Duncan Epping – Principal Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • June Yang – Senior Director, Product Management, VMware, Inc.
  • Patrick Chang – Staff Product manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Chris Knowles – Global Cloud Specialist, VMware, Inc.
  • Becky Smith – Product Line Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Shiv Agarwal – Sr. Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Scott Key – Director, VMware, Inc.
  • Suzy Visvanathan – Senior Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Keith Farkas – Sr. Staff Engineer, VMware, Inc.
  • Cormac Hogan – Snr. Technical Marketing Architect – Storage, VMware, Inc.
  • John Dodge – Director, Technical Marketing Enablement, VMware, Inc.
  • Frank Denneman – Senior Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • Rahul Ravulur – Group Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Shahar Erez – Product Manager, VMware, Inc.
  • Lee Dilworth – principal systems engineer, VMware, Inc.
  • Kyle Gleed – Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware, Inc.
  • Vijay Ramachandran – Group Manager, Product Management, VMware, Inc.

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