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VMworld 2013 Session Submission Complete


So I finally got around to getting my VMworld 2013 session submitted based on my work a few weeks ago with the Hybrid Cloud setup I was working on between multiple public clouds.  I know voting is not opened yet, but I am hoping many of you will earmark this session for your list.  The details are below so you can read about it before the catalog goes live.

How To Build Your Hybrid Cloud and Consume the Public Cloud

VMworld 2013 

Breakout Session

VMworld 2013 Session Abstract:

Are you a VMware vSphere Customer today that is on the verge of deciding to expand your current deployment or start considering vCloud Providers? Are you a start-up trying to decide how to consume the vCloud Provider public clouds as your Infrastructure as a Service, (Iaas)?  These are two very common use cases for customers looking to move to a Hybrid Cloud solution with VMware vCloud Providers.

This session will discuss the concepts for design of your Hybrid Cloud fully integrated into your existing vSphere and/or physical only infrastructure, or even your own private cloud. We will examine and explain some ideas in how you can better consume and expand your current datacenter capacity into one or more public cloud providers running VMware vCloud Director. You will leave the session with a better understanding of how to go out and start consuming the vCloud providers to best suit your needs to grow your capacity and connect them to your existing infrastructure. This session is ultimately about understanding how to consume the vCloud public cloud providers not building your own private cloud.

What will make this session unique is it will leverage live white boarding for the majority of the session instead of just PowerPoint slides.

  • Introductions
  • Understanding Public Providers
  • Use Cases for Consuming the Public Cloud
  • Designing Your Hybrid Cloud (Whiteboarding)
  • Q&A

Learning to design for expansion into the vCloud Public providers

Understanding the process to expand and consume the public cloud

Begin evaluating Public vCloud Providers and architecting your Hybrid cloud

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