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VMworld 2013 FREE PASS


Recently Veeam gave away some passes to Microsoft TechED, and now they are doing the same for VMworld.  You can actually enter into their drawing to win a free pass to the VMworld 2013 conference.  You might as well do it you never know, you could win and make it to VMworld on Veeam!  You just need to register and you are done.  Here is a few reasons why you want to get there!

VMworld Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions provide product, industry, and solution-specific presentations to the most current and prevailing issues. Every Session can be locked into your schedule during pre-registration, giving you the peace of mind that you will have a spot to learn about topics that matter most to you and your business. Most sessions are repeated at least once and additional sessions are added leading up to VMworld.

VMworld Knowledge Experts

Connect with subject-matter authorities through our Knowledge Experts program. These members of the VMware community conduct and participate in Breakout Sessions and Group Discussions throughout the conference.

VMworld Group Discussions

Led by Knowledge Experts, these informative and interactive discussion groups are a great opportunity for you to gain insight from like-minded colleagues in similar industries.

VMworld Hands-on Labs

Hands-on Labs (HOLs) provide a unique interactive learning environment designed around typical customer use-case and business scenarios. Conference attendees are literally “hands-on” with the technology, exercising workflows that relate to real-world issues.

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