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Veeam Backup Management Suite 6.5


I wanted to let you folks know that Veeam has introduced the NEW Veeam Backup Management Suite 6.5.  This new version allows for even more proficient data protection and virtualization management.

Administrators can now get advanced monitoring for Veeam backup infrastructure, including:

  • Monitoring the age and size of snapshots
  • Alerting you when guest disks used for backup repositories are getting full
  • Keeping track of the VM power state of your backup proxies and repositories
  • Collecting and analyzing datastore I/O metrics to detect and resolve performance problems

If you want more information Check out the product page here.

Veeam videos about the product:

I’m also waiting to hear about their new Cloud Edition of Backup and Replication.  They actually have a survey you may want to fill out to help with the product itself.  I know there is a lot of you out there using Veeam products and hopefully you already got the notification yourself of the new update.  If you for some reason have never heard of Veeam, you must be living under a rock or something, but go check out the products including the free tools they offer.

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