Are You A CCIE? Start Your Path To VCDX-NV


I will admit I just learned about this today for some reason, but if you are a CCIE did you know that you have a slightly quicker way to get off the blocks on the path to VCDX-NV?  Simply put I wanted to make sure that as many current CCIE’s out there knew about this slightly different path.  As we all know, the normal pre-requisites to VCDX are:

  • VCP-NV
  • Submit for VCDX-NV defense during published defense dates

If you are a CCIE your process is just a tad different because you are not required to take the VCP-NV exam.  All you need to do to start on the path to VCDX-NV for the October defense is get your VCIX-NV done and get a design built and submitted for the October deadline.

  • VCP-NV (CCIEs can take VCIX-NV without becoming a VCP first!)
  • Submit for VCDX-NV defense during published defense dates

I will also mention if you are a current VCDX-DCV/DTM/CMA holder as well as a CCIE, per the normal “doubles” process you also don’t need to re-defend!  So you can take the VCIX-NV only, get a design submitted for a double during the next round.

I realize the April 1st deadline has past, but current CCIE’s should think to take advantage of this for the October defense dates.  Hope this information helps and drives people to think more about it.

NOTE:  Any VCDX-NV only holders are required to re-defend for one of their first doubles on VCDX-DCV/DTM/CMA.  We cover this in the VCDX Workshops as it currently is a little confusing and it’s being worked on to make it more clear.

There is also a 50% Discount on the VCP-NV for those that need to still take it.



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