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Onward and Upward with Tintri

The past few weeks have been interesting for me at Tintri.  I have been meeting with lots of partners and customers and there has been some great new cool product announcements.  On the flip side there has been some mis-information out there by some media outlets that seem to just want to do nothing but tear down good companies.  I am here to tell you that despite all that not only has my role changed for the better but so has that of Kristopher Boyd and Matt Geddes.  The three of us have been asked to become the first three Field CTO’s for Tintri.

What Do The New Tintri Field CTO’s Do?

Honestly?  The same things we have already been doing, but with some added capabilities.  We all have been very active with customer and partner briefings.  We all spend time presenting at events like VMworld, Ignite, and VMUG’s.  None of that will change, but we also have some great new responsibilities.  We will be more deeply involved influencing the product roadmaps on behalf of the customers and partners.  We will be a conduit for the field into engineering and product management.

We also want you reading this to know that we are available to speak for keynote sessions and other events that may be useful.  We can speak NOT just about Tintri technology, but each of us has overlapping skills.  Most people know me as a “Cloud” guy and Kris Boyd as an “EUC” guy.  Did you know that Matt is a HUGE “API guy”?  He likes to code!  you want to hear from him I can tell you that much!  I have also spoken on professional development and any of us can speak on general technology topics.

The bottom line is we have a job to do first and foremost for Tintri to expand the facts, truth, and knowledge about our product.  We have a responsibility to re-write the narratives that others have starting writing that are in some cases unfounded and untrue.  We have a responsibility to customers, partners, and fellow community folks to support and educate on not just Tintri but things to help you grow your career.

I encourage you to reach out to us on Twitter or LinkedIn.  I for one am very excited about the Tintri technology and our future in these roles.

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