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Jumping On Board The Rocket That Is Cohesity

It seems like not to long ago I wrote one of these posts when I started with Tintri.  Today literally wraps up my second week on the job and I can say this place truly is a rocket ship.  I heard people refer to it that way but I didn’t really understand it until I came out to HQ and saw it for myself.  Having only really changed jobs a few times in my IT career, I don’t have a lot of comparisons to make, but the ones I do have even from my most recent company to this one are astounding.  Outside of the people and the culture, the insane pace that Cohesity moves is head spinning.

I think that tweet pretty much sums it up for real.  Within days of getting into the office I was humbly asked to jump into about 10 things for VMworld, Ignite, first half planning, I mean it’s awesome and crazy all at the same time.  I was sitting in a meeting today and someone said “how long have you worked here?”  I said about 2 weeks, and they responded saying, really?!  I’d have thought you were here for years!  There is no other way to describe how that makes you feel right at home.

While I am wrapping up trying to get back home, I will say that I can tell this place is going to be very cool.  I can’t wait to get out and start presenting on the technology and the use cases it can solve.  Some of the stuff we covered today in Cloud Field Day 4 is just amazing.  Not only how it works, but how complete the features are even early on.  If you did not see the live stream go check out the recording and hit me up with questions.

Once again I will be at VMworld in a new color polo, but hey, it’s all good!

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