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Building a Full Scale Hybrid Data Center

vCloud Air-Powered

Some people may or may not have seen on the VMware vCloud Blog that I posted a series of articles documenting a very large scale lab build out.  The purpose of these articles was to try and drive home some of the examples you can do with Hybrid Cloud if you architect things properly.  You can do a lot with VMware vCloud Air if you just think through the design.  I can tell you as you read these there was quite a bit of work to put the puzzle together, but I hope you see that there is some very cool things you can achieve.

Part 1 – Building a hybrid application with VMware Horizon View

Part 2 – Using F5 Global Traffic Managers with vCloud Air

Part 3 – Using Horizon DaaS with vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery

These three posts together can show you multiple things you can actually do with vCloud Air to gain a lot of control and flexibility in your own data centers.  Please leave comments here or on the posts themselves if you would like to learn more.  Some of these will appear in the VMworld session I am doing about extending your data center to vCloud Air.

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