2013 VTUG Winter Warmer – Save the Date!

This is just a quick note that not only is the VTUG Fall Forward event happening on October 24th, 2012 but the giant Winter Warmer date for Gillette Stadium has been ear marked.  Save the Date for January 17th, 2013 and watch the VTUG website for more details or follow Chris Harney on Twitter so you can get the news.

As always I will be there to deliver a keynote and this time you can bet it will be on I dunno…..maybe Nicira and Virtualized Networking in the Datacenter.  I may even be able to convince Thomas Kraus to come up from New York to help with the presentation.  Either way I am hoping to prepare some very good information for the attendees on some exciting new technology.

Bottom line….SAVE THE DATE for the 2013 VTUG Winter Warmer on January 17th, 2013!

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