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Dude….Where Have You Been?!

The short answer…..vacation.  The long answer….vacation

In all seriousness, I have been away on some personal time, but since getting back things have started to ramp right up where they left off.  A week or so ago I posted my VMworld Session information and since coming back there has been nothing but PowerPoint work for me.  There is a few things coming up I wanted to point out where I will be.

Summer Slammer VMUG Lobstah Bake:

This is the annual Summer New England VMUG in Brunswick Maine with the Lobster Bake at Gritty’s after the event.  If you have not registered….you should it will be fun.  I may be giving away rides in the newly SuperCharged Challenger….I am not sure yet.  The presentation for this event will be completely new and off the wall from February.  I am taking a twisted look at Cloud Service Levels and the intent is to have some fun talking about it in an open forum.

Indianapolis VMUG:

This is the week of July 23rd and I will be they’re doing a similar presentation to the Winter Warmer and the North Carolina VMUG, but it will get a couple tweaks.

VMworld US:

I am already in development of the session with Frank Denneman to get the draft submitted this week.  Along with that I will also once again be part of the Knowledge Expert team during the conference for the Expert 1:1 sessions.  So keep your eyes peeled for the Knowledge expert sign ups when at the conference.  Unlike the sessions these are usually not done online but on a first come first serve basis.

Miscellaneous Going’s on (Non-Technical):

I will be updating or writing a new blog post on the Challenger SuperCharger installation.  I have the Dyno charts and waiting on the pictures of the car with no front end or engine.  I picked it up last week and the final Dyno numbers were awesome to say the least.  It’s a ton of fun to drive for sure.

In the world of Virtual Fitness some new faces in the technical community have jumped into the pool with the goal of getting some results by VMworld.  They will of course be in the tail end of their 90 Day programs but I will be sure to help them eat right while there.  I may even hold some Fitness tweet ups in the hotel gym for those staying where the Employees are.  There was some interest in a separate Virtual Fitness VodgeBall team, but not sure I have the time or the cycles to get it going, but we shall see.


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