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Why Have You Been So Quiet?

I’ve been asked by a few people why some of my tweeting and posts have gotten few and far between.  There is a few reasons for it, so I wanted to drop a note to let people know I have not disappeared.  No I am not a missing person, at least not yet anyhow.

The primary challenge I have in the new role with the Nicira by VMware product line is that there is not much to write about yet in the way of NVP and VMware combined.  I have been working with Thomas Kraus, Kamau Wanguhu, and Andre Leibovici on some interesting use cases where you could use the current Nicira by VMware OVS vApp on ESXi.  However, these are very early stage lab based testing to vet out the use cases and ideas.

In fact I have put together eight specific use cases dealing with the Layer 2 gateway functionality of the Nicira by VMware product and we have tested one of them out.  We are in the process of further refining those use cases so we can try to develop some alpha IP for the ideas, but it’s going to take a little time.  I have also been playing SE on a few customers so that is taking up some time, but has not yielded anything I can really blog about.  Maybe as the POC’s pick up I will have some new learnings for myself I can post about though.

As always in Q4 I took a couple of weeks off in a row which also affected my online community time, and the end of the year is time for more PTO with the family for the holidays.  All I can say is stay tuned for maybe some interesting news on these use cases, but if nothing else I am hoping a couple if the ideas will make it into the Winter Warmer VMUG session Thomas and I are doing.  If they do you might see some cool ways you can use Network Virtualization in the near future.  Just like the DR of the Cloud project I worked on, if I can put the solutions together in a supportable way, then I can present more about them.  If nothing else it could make for some interesting VMworld 2013 sessions if that is the case.

Sometimes the challenge of working on a new group with a brand new product is that you cannot talk too much about it mostly because there is nothing yet to talk about.  Hopefully that will change soon and I will have tons of things to toss out to you all in 2013.  I’m pretty excited about the testing this week though which could be something interesting for sure.  If so I will definitely post a blog about it that will tie into one Andre wrote last week.

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