My VMworld 2013 Session Information


I wanted to post something quickly about the sessions I am currently speaking at this year for VMworld in San Francisco.  I’m excited to be in all these, but I will say with the new role it will be a VERY busy week for me.  I hope to see may of you there!

PHC1005-GD Public Cloud with Chris Colotti Not Scheduled
PHC4750 How to Build a Hybrid Cloud in Less than a Day (With Dave Hill) Wednesday 11:00 AM
PHC4783 How To Build Your Hybrid Cloud and Consume the Public Cloud (With Mike Roy) Wednesday 8:00 AM
PHC5732 The Economics of vCloud: Which Cloud Do I Need? Monday 3:30 PM

Again this year you can see I have a Group Discussion which I may pull David Hill and/or Mike Roy into since the presentation I am doing with him and the other one I have on consuming the cloud are directly related.  We always have a lot of fun with those group discussions so I am always glad to do those smaller groups.  It looks like without any repeats thus far I will have some time to build my own schedule and see many of my friends present as well this year.  That never happens!

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