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VMworld Speaker Interview


Okay I had a little fun this week and I interviewed my co-worker and friend Jay Marshall about his sessions at VMworld.  He has 4 total sessions, but there is one in particular you REALLY might want to go to.

HBC2609 – Smells Like Team Spirit: Achieve Hybrid Operations Nirvana with vCloud Air:  VMware Staff Automation Specialist Gary Coburn and Senior Technical Solutions Architect Jay Marshall bring their renowned “ Gary and Jay Road Show” to the big stage at… View More

I cannot tell you what he is planning, all I can tell you…..is it will be EPIC and VERY over the top.  It may even surpass the days of PowerCLI Man dare I say?  In all seriousness I may need Jay to get me into the session as the “Q&A Runner” because it could be full.  All I can tell you is Jay is a musician and he has a lot planned to not only make this session informative, but also VERY fun.  I assure you that you will not be disappointed if you sign up for this one.  My only hope is it is not opposite my sessions.  You can see the full interview video and his other sessions below.

HBC1917 – Build Your First Mobile Application… In The Cloud… In 60 Minutes:  Two of the hottest topics in technology today are “mobile” and “cloud”. They are at the top of most CIO’s list of objectives; yet they are also the ones with the most mystery… View More

HBC2577 – Hybrid Sandboxing – Create the Ultimate On and Off Premises Test/Dev Factory:  The ability to do test/dev and sandboxing projects on throwaway cloud resources is well known. But the ability to add cloud to your existing software development lifecycle… View More

HBC2371 – Stick a Knife in IT! Chef + vCloud Air = A Well Done Cloud:  True Hybrid DevOps is a “unicorn” of most Enterprise IT shops. While DevOps culture and techniques are becoming more prevalent in the Enterprise, few are actually… View More





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