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VMworld Group Discussions and Expert Sessions


As with previous years at VMworld, there will be group discussions and expert one on one sessions.  These have just been added to the content catalog so you might want to take a look at the ones available.  If you have not participated in these before, they are quite fun.  They are small rooms with up to 50 people and it’s basically an open discussion on the topic with the speaker.  The one on one time is your chance to get 15 minutes with a VMware expert and discuss topics in their wheelhouse.

The thing you have to remember is there is no official slide decks for these group discussion sessions.  You come with questions and use cases and we facilitate discussion around the topics.  They can be quite fun when people participate with the discussion, so if you have not seen the group discussion for me int h catalog here is the session you can enroll for.  The one on one session you need to setup on site at the event.

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