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VMworld 2012 Voting is Open!

Hey have you heard, VMworld 2012 voting is open?!  Of course you have but this is my post like most other people’s to shamelessly plug my sessions as well as a few from some other noteworthy folks out there.  Below are the sessions that I am listed on either as the primary presenter, a co-presenter, or a moderator.  Now I should mention I only actually submitted three of these myself, but I was asked by various people to participate in theirs.  I have Highlighted the ones I personally submitted.

Of course there are other folks sessions you may want to look at such as…

  • Duncan Epping
  • Frank Denneman
  • David Hill
  • Aidan Daigleish
  • Harry Smith
  • Thomas Kraus
  • Kevin Lees
  • Kris Boyd
  • William Lam
  • Lee Dilworth
  • Alan Renouf
  • Cormac Hogan
  • Kendrick Coleman – Specifically the one on vCloud with VBlock (I may have contributed to data for this session in some way)
  • Scott Lowe
  • Mike Hoffa
  • Rawlinson Rivera
  • Damian Karlson
  • Cody Bunch
  • And Many More!

Myself, I find using the “Filter Options” you can see below is the easiest.  It works best if you just want to hunt down keywords or even presenters you want to vote for.  I recommend using this feature to quickly find, say my sessions, or others above I guess.


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  1. What no group vFit session where we do pushups every time you say a word beginning with v ?

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