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VMware Horizon View iOS Client 2.0 Un-trusted Certificates Work

Hey everyone, I am not sure if you all noticed this yet, but I updated my iPad and iPhone to the new VMware Horizon View client version 2.0 and it now does not error out on the self signed certificates.  When VMware View 5.0 was released you recall many of us with labs and other installations saw the below screen shot issue where we could not connect due to a self signed certificate issue from a screenshot and article Michael Webster wrote about how to install these un-trusted certificates and how to install them.  I borrowed his screen shot below with the error:

VMware Horizon View

VMware Horizon View iOS 2.0 Changes

Now since I updated to the new version, I am not sure why I tried, but it seems the lock out on app allowing un-trusted certificates has been removed so this will now appears to work again for your own Certificate Authority as well as the self signed certificates as it is in my case.  You can see below the old options are back to connect.  Now it is still always recommended to use real certificates of course but this solves my connection problem to my View Server inside vCloud Director from my iPad

VMware Horizon View

You can also see the certificate is allowed to be accepted

VMware Horizon View

Key VMware Horizon View iOS Client 2.0 Highlights

  • Unity Touch
    • Requires a VMware Horizon View 5.2 or later virtual desktop
    • Navigate All Programs easily and quickly from the Unity Touch sidebar
    • Access files in your Users folder easily from the Unity Touch sidebar
    • Easily search for apps and files on your virtual desktop
    • Switch between running applications and open windows
    • Close windows and quit apps with a left swipe and click Close
    • Create list of your favorite apps and files and use across your devices
  • Unity Touch
    • Improved client side caching in View 5.2 is ideal for mobile devices
    • Admins use 90 MB & get the equivalent of 250 MB from earlier releases

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