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VCDX Program Terminology


As with any new role you always get into the weeds on a lot of things.  In this case it’s the various names floating around and rumblings of what’s out there for programs related to VCDX.  I wanted to take a quite second to put just put some clarity around a few names and terms tossed out and where I personally feel they will be defined going forward.  Really there is two terms I want to address.

VCDX Boot Camp

These have traditionally been a one day, or shorter, session held around, during, or before a larger event like a VMUG, PEX, VMworld, or vForums.  The purpose is to give prospective candidates more information about the VCDX track, and help them understand some things to think about for a submission.  It’s also a chance to hear from real VCDX’s interactively about idea you may have, and allow them to guide you at a high level through the process.  I think in their current form they are great.  One thing I want to do is put a little more structure around them by possibly adding them into MyLearn so people can enroll in them.  I’d like to provide more visibility into when and where they will be held so we can also be sure they are staffed properly.

Ultimately I will maintain the standardized content for this and hopefully it will always be delivered by VMware employees that are also VCDX’s.  This will ensure the content is always the same and the presenters are experts n delivering it.  It also means as it needs updates I can provide those all at once.

VCDX “Fast Track”

This is something people have heard about recently.  To be perfectly honest the name does not really insinuate what the intent of the class is.  Without going into too much detail I will say that the overall purpose of the class is to prepare specifically for the defense portion.  For this reason, the MAJOR pre-requisite is that you’ve been invited, and scheduled for an actual defense.  These would be held shortly before actual defense dates and you would not be able to attend if you were not already slated for a defense.  At this time I don’t have an update on when this would be available, when it is I would post something on the official VMware Education Blog.

This may or may not be how it was explained before, but what it most certainly is NOT, is a faster path to the finish line to obtain your VCDX.  That process is well established on application submission, review, and scheduled public defenses.  I can assure you I am working to change the name simply because it is not in line with the intended purpose of the class.  You will never hear me personally say “VCDX Fast Track” again, and in fact most people should stop using it as well.

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  1. I still like the original AcademyX name but apparently the powers that be didn’t like it so much

  2. How about VCDX Defense Prep as a name. Makes it sound kinda cool and gives you a good idea what it is about.

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