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A Note About 2015 VCDX Defense Dates


People continue to ask about the 2015 VCDX Defense Dates.  Instead of answering each tweet, and VMTN Community post every couple of days I just want to let everyone know, it’s being worked on.  The new Program Manager Karl Childs is working on securing locations for the defenses, and you can make an educated guess about the time we are targeting the first ones for in Q1.  However, we cannot officially publish any dates until we know we have a location secured.  Even though we are targeting certain dates, if the locations fall through, then the published dates don’t mean much.

I realize everyone wants to know, but to be honest….start working on your design NOW!  If you are waiting for the dates to be announced you will already be behind the eight ball.  The dates and locations are a formality for the application submission deadline, but you really need your documentation in place LONG before that.  The blueprint is valid, and you can use that to get started.  I know the dates are important to travel, PTO, and other things, but really the DESIGN and documentation is the MOST important thing.  Once the dates are  finalized there will be MORE than enough notification in multiple places so please continue to watch the channels for the information.  It will be made very public when we have them.

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