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So What Exactly Are You Doing At Tintri?

As I started week two at Tintri yesterday I was asked a few times exactly what my role is.  I have this title of Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect, but what does that really mean?  At the end of the day it’s a title, but there is a lot more I am finding I will be doing.  Most people know I have traditionally been a “Cloud Guy” from all my days back when vCloud Director first released.  So you may be asking, if I am a cloud guy why Tintri?  What is their cloud message all about?

First off, I have always been a fan of the Tintri VMAware technology.  It’s something I have always kept an eye on and frankly what the platform does in regards to these things is amazing.

  • Scaling
  • Analytics
  • Automation
  • Virtual Machine QoS

That is really just the short list.  So yes I am not a “storage guy” but I can appreciate what this platform does in almost a machine-learning approach to Virtual Machine storage management.  That aside. what about this new message of Public Cloud Agility in your data center?  No Tintri is no a Cloud Provider.  What they are is a provider of the foundation to a solid Enterprise Private Cloud.  Think about it….what’s required of any solid architecture?  A solid foundation is an absolute.  You don’t want your enterprise private cloud to end up like this.

Many people know I have an Architectural Engineering degree.  The best thing I was ever taught by one of my structural engineering professors was simple.  I can honestly say this is an exact quote.

You don’t want to build on mush, you always want to build on the good stuff!

Now he said this in reference of course to the earthly base that your foundation and ultimately your building was going to rest on.  However, that still applies to enterprise private cloud architecture.  Something most people don’t realize is that Amazon Web Services’ first product launched was S3 (Simple Storage Service).  Why do you think that is?  because they felt storage clearly was the solid foundation they needed to start with.

Tintri’s Enterprise Private Cloud Foundation

Okay, so you will hear me presenting a lot about this topic.  Back in 2010 when I started trying to talk about Enterprise Private Cloud based on vCloud Director I honestly think the product was was ahead of its time for the enterprise customer.  Fast forward to 2017, and NOW people are really starting to think about it.  Granted it’s not built on vCD, it’s more based on VMware Cloud Foundation with vRA and vRO, but the five NIST principles will always apply.

Tintri VMStore is the SOLID foundation of storage you can build an Enterprise Private Cloud.  I came here because I believe they have a very unique product and position with their ability and API’s.  If you have not seen any of this VMAware Automation you have to look up some of Tristan Todd’s videos on it.  I think you will be amazed at the cloud automation capabilities you can add to your enterprise data center.  Like the tagline says……Tintri will help you get Public Cloud Agility in your data center.  I for one believe it can happen and watch for me to be presenting on this a lot!

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