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Proud to Present at Varrow Madness


Okay so I’m pretty excite to be invited to the annual event known as Varrow Madness with my good friend and now CTO of Varrow “The” Jason Nash.   This actually came out of a conversation for a 2-day, 4 hour deep dive customer session I did for them earlier this year.  What I will be presenting officially is common use cases for vCloud Air, run through live demos, share configuration examples, and provides updates on new features.  I am even working on getting some special permission to discuss some upcoming services and features, but no word yet.

This will be a 2-hour version of my 4-hour session, but it will cover a lot of details on how customers can dive into the service offering and how they can start to think about using it.  Ultimately, they may need some of Varrow’s help to move forward, but that’s why I love our partners.  Specifically some of what I will cover is:

  • Service overview and offerings
  • Understanding how to view the Hybrid Cloud Data Center
  • Deep dive into the subscription models, allocation, sizing examples
  • Networking constructs and flexibility with the Edge Gateway
  • Direct Connect and Cross Connect use cases
  • General Q&A

The funny thing is this trip is the day before Julie and I close on our NH house, so I have to bug out right after my session to catch a flight home to be back in NH the next day.  Either way, I am humbled and excited for yet another trip to Charlotte to see all the great people, and friends in the area.  I am sure this will be a great event, so I hope many of you make it there.  Come see me BEFORE my session and say hi, since I cannot hang around afterwards.

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