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One Door Closes as Another One Opens

So this may be a surprise to many, but not so much to others.  Simply put, May 15th I will be joining Tintri alongside both familiar and new faces as a Sr. Cloud Solutions Architect.  It’s been nearly a decade since I started with VMware back in October of 2007 as a Senior Consultant in Professional Services.  It really does not seem that long ago, but as I look back on the paths my career took within the company it was a lot.

From PSO I went to the Cloud Practice where I worked alongside some of the best people in the company getting my hands dirty on vCloud Director.  I’ve seen and worked on the VCDX Program for many of those years, I was part of the Nicira team when they were coming on board.  Honestly, I can say I did a lot.  I only hope I can do as much as I start new with Tintri later this month.

I know I will miss a lot of people, but here goes with the list of thank you’s in no particular order…

Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Kris Boyd, Jason Karnes, Kamau Wanguhu, Dan Belcher, Carlos Fonseca, Paul D, Dave, Adam, Paul, at EMC, Tim Jabaut, Joe Silvagi, Vic Camacho, Joe Suma, Michael Letschin, Christopher Kusek, Bob Wilkins, Scott Sauer, David Hill, Jenny Fong, Greg Herzog, Aidan Dalgleish, Chirag Patel, Tommy Catalano, George Naspo, Karla Lavigne, Harry Smith, Cody Bunch, Jeramiah Dooley, Damian Karlson, Amy Lewis, Mark Briggs, and most importantly my wife, and best friend, Julie.

All of these people either affected my career through the years or have provide unmeasurable moral support in the last couple of months.  I wanted to keep this short and sweet, so I guess all there is to say is….To Infinity…..and BEYOND!

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  1. Excellent news Chris! As always, seek interesting and fulfilling work so your journey of personal growth continues.

  2. Great write-up and congrats! Always glad to see you busting your butt while still doing what is right for you! Best of luck. 🙂

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