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VMworld 2012 Barcelona Nicira Video

I was grabbed the other day by Jeremy Van Dorn and Eric Sloof from VMworldTV and asked if the VMware CoE Team wanted to do a video spot around Nicira.  Well anyone that knows me knows I am not shy so I grabbed Thomas Kraus and Kamau Wanguhu and we shot this quick 3 minute video with the VMworldTV guys.  It was fun but hopefully we got three key messages across:

  • If you are a vCloud Director Customer vCNS is still the direction you want to go and as we work to integration the platforms you will not be left to rip and replace.
  • Nicira NVP is not “Loading” or “replacing” software onto existing physical switches.  Since Network virtualization has recently been compared to how ESXi virtualizes the hypervisor by loading onto the bare metal we wanted to stress this is not the case.  Nicira NVP overlays on top of the existing switches and the software running on your switches remains intact
  • Nicira NVP enables control at the Edge of the network where our virtual machines are usually running.  We are not replacing the core infrastructure we are providing intelligence at the Edge.

Enjoy the Video and see you at the VMworld Party!

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