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My VMworld 2017 Sponsor Session

Last week I was out at Tintri HQ working furiously with Tristan Todd to come up with a fun, cool, title and abstract for one of our Sponsor Sessions.  The challenge with the sponsor sessions is always the balance between any “sales” pitch and useful information.  We spent a few hours trying to come up with something that we thought was both informative but also something different and fun for both us as the presenters and you the attendees.  I think we nailed it, but only the attendance and the surveys will tell!  It’s not available to sign up for until later this week, but please make note to find it!

MGT3315BUS – How Orchestration Can Actually Save Your Marriage

We’ve all been there. It’s five o’clock on date night and users come to you with priority one requests for high exposure projects. You realize you’re not going to make date night, and once you get home, the couch will be waiting. What if you could take all those manual, time-consuming tasks and automate them? Most people don’t realize how many clicks it takes to complete the simplest daily tasks when administering virtualization. In this session, we’ll break down some common manual tasks, and in real-time show you how to cut both time and clicks. We’ll demo real-world use cases live and break down the underlying workflows that make the magic happen. Not only will you make date night, you’ll complete urgent requests even on the drive home.


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