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My Official VMworld 2012 Sessions

Well as many of us saw the E-Mails went out last night for the VMworld Sessions that were accepted.  Looks like I will have two total and one I am moderating….for now.  You never know what else I will get pulled into like the VMworld Expert 1:1 and the VMworld Group Discussions.  Below are the sessions as they stand now, so please add them to your list!  There may be one other one I am going to help provide some content on and maybe pop in during the session, but that is yet to be decided.

  • Chris Colotti VMware, Inc. Consulting Architect
  • Frank Denneman VMware, Inc. Consulting Architect

  • Chris Colotti VMware, Inc. Consulting Architect
  • Wade Holmes VMware, Inc. Technical Solution Architect – Cloud
  • Thomas Kraus VMware, Inc. Staff Cloud Solution Architect
  • Ben Lin VMware, Inc. Staff Systems Engineer

  • Aidan Dalgleish VMware, Inc. Consulting Architect – Global COE
  • David Hill VMware, Inc. Senior Solutions Architect
  • Chris Colotti (Moderator) VMware, Inc. Consulting Architect


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