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Major Tintri Software Releases This Week!

This week Tintri posted two major software updates in their support portal for existing customers!  If you have any Tintri VMStore you will want to check these out.  The release information is below, but the most interesting additions were Tintri Cloud Connector, and the advanced storage pooling with VM Scale out and storage migration offload.  Both of these i have blogged about in the past weeks.  You definitely want to get your VMstores and your Tintri Global Centers onto these releases so you can take advantage of the new features we previously announced!

Tintri OS

Tintri OS 4.4 introduces Tintri’s Cloud Connector for Amazon AWS and IBM Cloud Object Storage, Synchronous Replication with snapshots and clones, Offload Data Transfer for VM Scale-Out, and Service Group Quotas.

  • Tintri Cloud Replication technology (Cloud Connector) enables users to create an extension to the Tintri Storage, in the form of S3 compatible object stores like AWS or on-prem IBM Cloud Object Storage (previously called IBM Cleversafe), by using them as a repository for Tintri snapshots. Using Tintri Global Center, users can create separate cloud replication schedules and policies for transferring/replicating different snapshots of a VM to different cloud replication targets and retain them for a longer period of time at a reduced overall cost.
  • Synchronous Replication (SR) with snapshots and clones supports the ability to take snapshots and clones for SR VMs and includes an updated user interface within Tintri Global Center for service group management. Through the addition of support for both scheduled and manual snapshots, the solution now comes with additional protection for SR VMs to further address use-cases such as VM corruption or file deletion, etc.
  • Offload data transfer for VM Scale-out enables 10 times faster VM storage live migration by offloading data transfer to the array thereby reducing the time taken, host and network resource consumption. Offload goes into effect when recommendations generated by VM Scale-out are executed for VMware and Hyper-V environments. Offload moves VM snapshots, metrics and policies along with the VM.
  • Quotas add the ability to configure capacity limits on Tintri submounts. This capability is particularly important in hosted, private cloud deployments where there is no management or orchestration software to limit capacity per tenant.
  • Hyper-V:
    • Production Checkpoints
    • VM Awareness without Tintri Hyper-V Services Agent on host (Windows Server 2016) (aka NoTHS)
    • On-demand Single VM Refresh
    • Sync-VM FLR improvement (Hot add/remove vDisk, without VM restart)
    • Remote ODX For VM Scale-out

Tintri Global Center

TGC 3.7 is the latest major release for Tintri Global Center, and we are introducing the following new capabilities:

  • Support for TXOS 4.4
  • Quotas
  • Tintri Cloud Connector
  • Support for synchronous replication with snapshots
  • Offload data transfer for VM scale-out
  • New look and feel for the Virtual Machines and Service Groups page

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