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Get The VMworld 2014 Mobile Application – It Runs on vCloud Air!


Yes, I am now pimping the VMworld 2014 Mobile Application for iOS and Android but there is a reason for it.  To be quick and simple, it’s actually hosted on VMware vCloud Air and was designed new for this year!

Yes that’s right, this year the entire mobile app was built new to support the conference with information, notifications, some fun things,  and yes, the surveys.  Ah, the all important surveys will need to be filled out AS ALWAYS and you can do them in the fancy new mobile application.  Just remember if you are in my sessions the highest score you can give it a 5 and the lowest score is a 5… just remember that.

So if you are attending VMworld 2014, go download the application today and see not only the great new application, but a real-time mobile application running on vCloud Air for the entire week of the conference.

VMworld 2014 Mobile App for iOS

VMworld 2014 Mobile App for Android


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