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Countdown To Veeam V7 With vCloud Director Support

Veeam v7

I was talking to Rick Vanover a couple of weeks ago on Twitter and the topic of Veeam and vCloud Director came up.  Incidentally Rick is a member of one of my challenge groups for Les Mills Combat and is doing AWESOME and down about 20 pounds last time we talked.  So give him a WOOT on that next time you see him.  I’m hoping I can get him to write a little blog post on his site about his progress.

Anyway, I was asking him what I always ask him about Veeam and vCloud Director Support.  This was just before PEX and I did mean to post something during PEX but I was busy with my little Hybrid Cloud Project.

Long story short, Veeam V7 will be coming out soon with vCloud Director support.  If you want to be in the “Know”, then head on over and get signed up to hear about the updates.  I will of course be trying to get some early access to it so I can provide feedback to the Veeam Team on the usability and integration when it has a public BETA.  Most people know I have a vested interested not only in Cloud DR, but in the basic Backup and Recovery aspects and what the different vendors will be able to provide.

As the Software Defined Datacenter gets more mainstream, and people move to Hybrid Cloud as I talked about last week, this will be come as important as moving the workloads around.  I for one am very interested in seeing how these vCloud Director integrated backup solutions come together.  Click below to learn more about this new version!

Veeam v7

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