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Check Out The New Cloud Academy

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I just got word that this just launched today so go check out the new VMware Cloud Academy!  There is even a promotion for some free VMworld tickets, so take the quiz and see how you score and get entered!

What is VMware Cloud Academy? “Think VMworld technical breakout but available on, that is freely accessible 365/days per year, PLUS social media.”

Goal: To provide vSphere administrators, key influencers, users, the technical building blocks they need to become more “cloud-ready” with vCloud Air.

Target Audience: vSphere Admins, but anyone interested in learning more about vCloud Service can benefit. That includes partners and customers alike

Curriculum: There are 7 videos, one introduction and 6 technical. They follow the vCloud Air Jump Start program from last year’s VMworld. While they are packed with information, they are short and all  ~10 minutes – so easy to consume.   The content is technical and targeted at administrators, but anyone can benefit from the Mathew Lodge “Introduction to vCloud Air” and participate in some of the other non-technical activities.

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