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My First Week At Tintri

That’s about what it feels like.  I’ve had to drink from the firehose, but this week has been more like trying to take on the hydrant!  It’s been great though.  I can tell you it’s humbling to be welcomed by so many people I already know as well as so many new ones.  I’m trying to come up to speed as fast as possible on the messaging that will be key to my role.  The technology itself is cool for sure.  I’ve always been a fan of what Tintri has, but my role is much more that talking about the storage itself.

What I can tell you is muscle memory is an odd thing.  The things that are hard to break in the first week after almost 10 years at the same place.

  • Using the wrong email address when the “[email protected]” part is still the same, just a different domain.
  • Saying we/us in reference to VMware
  • Saying you/they in reference to Tintri
  • Forgetting to change the voicemail on your mobile to NOT say VMware for almost a week….seriously remembered just now as I was typing!
  • Realizing a lot of your LastPass saved passwords are for some of the same sites, but the wrong username

Outside of the “first world problems” it’s been a very good first week.  Lots of people reaching out to connect and say hi.  I have not changed jobs in almost a decade, so you forget what it’s really like to join a new team and feel truly welcomed to it and valued for what you bring to the table.  Here’s hoping the coming weeks will be more of the same.  Looks like I may most likely be back at VMworld US too…..just in a different shirt.

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