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The Anatomy Of Building An Automated WooCommerce Shop – Part 2

In part one I wanted to give the high level workflows that were used.  Now it’s time to start going over how each individual application was setup to achieve the workflows described in part one.  As WooCommerce is the initiator of all the data flow it makes sense to cover how that was setup and what plugins, both free and …

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The Anatomy Of Building An Automated WooCommerce Shop – Part 1

I don’t think it is much of a secret that I do a lot of the back-end services work for STK Promotions, my wife’s promotional products business.  This means when there is a problem that can be solved with technology it’s on me to figure out.  So when Scott Driver from the vExpert community approached her and asked if vExperts …

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How To Automate Small Business Processes

Many people know that some time ago my wife Julie started her own business called StitchTek Services, LLC when we lived back in New Hampshire.  Since then having moved to Tennessee, the business has started to grow and she has been posed with some challenges.  Most of those were many of the small business tasks that one person needs to …

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