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Configuring vSphere Networking With Tintri Storage – Back to Basics

  The interesting thing about having worked with VMware for so long and now for Tintri is that you see some of the same issues in different environments.  That is what prompts most blog posts about “how to” fix or address things, and that is no different for me.  In the last couple weeks I have been involved in a …

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Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin Updated

This is just to serve as a quick update on the Tintri vSphere Web Client Plugin that was updated last week.  The plugin has been out for a while and many people use it to take advantage of Tintri specific actions from within the vSphere Web Client.  It’s been very stable and Tintri added in a few more features to …

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Heaven No! The vSphere Desktop Client Is Dead…Relax

So by now most people have read the blog post about the final days of the vSphere Desktop Client, many of us simply refer to as the C# client.  As a VMware employee obviously this was not much of a surprise.  As a customer previously I can remember all the way back to the original client that really only was …

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Voting is Open for 2013 Top 25 vBlogs

In case you haven’t heard the voting is now open for the 2013 Top 25 vBlogs at vSphere Land.  Last year I was humbled and surprised for my blog to come from nowhere to the 21st on the list.  I am hoping that I can stay in the top 25 for 2013, but myself and others need your help and …

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Workaround for vSphere 5.1 Guest Unable to collect IPv4 routing table

Folks this has become an interesting discussion on a VMware Community Forum as of a few weeks ago about this vSphere 5.1 error.  In fact I myself ran into the same issue on a new build with the vCloud Service Evaluation cloud a couple of weeks ago.  I decided being a good citizen and VMware employee to start an internal discussion of …

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Bad Idea: Disabling HA Admission Control With vCloud

Gabe has written up a really nice article recently about HA Admission Control you should read.  It made me think of a very recently conversation I had with some folks about HA Admission Control and vCloud Director specifically.  Namely, the fact they disabled it entirely.  Even when I was a vSphere administrator, before I was more educated, I made the same mistakes of …

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