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How To Use A Tintri VMstore For Docker Persistent Volumes

Note:  EVERYTHING IN THIS POST IS UNSUPPORTED BY TINTRI After I did some lab work with the Minio Gateway using NFS it occurred to me that something similar could be done but using a Tintri VMstore as the target for Docker Volume persistent Storage.  While this seems easy on the surface it has a lot of considerations which is why …

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How To Configure Minio Gateway on PhotonOS With Tintri Cloud Connector

Last year Tintri released the feature known as Cloud Connector which is used to offload snapshots to S3 based storage providers for long term archival.  Since the feature came out the majority of the use cases I have been on have been for on premises solutions versus using actual Amazon S3 in the public cloud.  Primarily this is because people …

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Configuring vSphere Networking With Tintri Storage – Back to Basics

  The interesting thing about having worked with VMware for so long and now for Tintri is that you see some of the same issues in different environments.  That is what prompts most blog posts about “how to” fix or address things, and that is no different for me.  In the last couple weeks I have been involved in a …

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Tintri Use Case: Synchronous Replication Pod Architecture

  A few weeks ago I wrote about how easy it is to set up Tintri Synchronous Replication groups.  Last week I was at some customer sites not only discussing the feature but talking about various use cases for it.  There are a few that came to mind but I wanted to show one basic, yet viable solution.  The idea …

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Understanding The Tintri Networking Connection Options

Late last year Tintri announced the new EC6000 and T1000 platform to customers.  One thing that I have noticed in some of the various support tickets is that many of the root cause issues have actually been upstream networking issues, or simply a lack of networking validation at the time of or ongoing after deployment.  Like anything these issues can …

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The Ease Of Setting Up And Using Tintri Synchronous Replication

I realized today that I have not actually blogged yet about the Tintri Synchronous Replication feature that was released a few months back.  I decided to jump back into the lab to show people just how easy this is to use.  What Tintri has built it’s base on has always been ease of use, and to be honest this feature …

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