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How To Configure Minio Gateway on PhotonOS With Tintri Cloud Connector

Last year Tintri released the feature known as Cloud Connector which is used to offload snapshots to S3 based storage providers for long term archival.  Since the feature came out the majority of the use cases I have been on have been for on premises solutions versus using actual Amazon S3 in the public cloud.  Primarily this is because people …

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How To Use Tintri Cloud Connector With Other S3 Targets

Happy 2018 everyone!  I wanted to share something I have been testing at the request of a few customers that have been interested in using Tintri Cloud Connector.  I will preface this with the simple statement that this is currently unsupported, however I am working on that within the Tintri walls.  What makes Tintri Cloud Connector unique is that it …

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Tintri Cloud Connector – How To Restore From AWS

Last month, I introduced you to the new Tintri Cloud Connector feature for storing long term backups on AWS S3 or IBM Cloud Object Storage.  What I wanted to briefly show today is how you actually restore back from the cloud in the event the machine is corrupted or lost.  In this case I will completely delete the machine from …

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Tintri Cloud Connector – Long Term Backup To The Public Cloud

Everyone wants to have some level of public cloud backup strategy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for personal use or business, we are all either doing it, or want to do it.  The goal is to leverage multiple clouds to keep data protected for different reasons.  In most cases Public Cloud Object storage is cheaper than our on premises storage …

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