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The Nicira NVP Component Architecture

I thought it would be useful to people to understand the actual components that go into a Nicira NVP deployment.  This is just meant to be a rundown of the various parts that are needed to deploy the Nicira NVP infrastructure.  In doing a few VMware SE knowledge transfer sessions it certainly appeared to “click” with people once they understood what …

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How Network Virtualization and Nicira Can Change Operational Processes

As many people know I have been in Barcelona for the week for VMworld 2012.  In the last couple days I have spent some great time having conversations with Thomas Kraus and Kamau Wanguhu who are also on my team.  I also have had the pleasure to interact with some of the Nicira folks like Steve Tegler and Martin Cassado …

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The Start Of My New Job Role At VMware – Nicira

Wait……What……Say That Again Colotti?  Yes, you heard it right I am not joking.  After VMworld US 2012 I decided to take on a role that has some incredible potential to be bleeding edge.  After the past couple years doing vCloud and helping folks with everything vCloud, it seemed time for a change.  I was presented the chance to be part …

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