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Are You A CCIE? Start Your Path To VCDX-NV

I will admit I just learned about this today for some reason, but if you are a CCIE did you know that you have a slightly quicker way to get off the blocks on the path to VCDX-NV?  Simply put I wanted to make sure that as many current CCIE’s out there knew about this slightly different path.  As we …

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How Network Virtualization and Nicira Can Change Operational Processes

As many people know I have been in Barcelona for the week for VMworld 2012.  In the last couple days I have spent some great time having conversations with Thomas Kraus and Kamau Wanguhu who are also on my team.  I also have had the pleasure to interact with some of the Nicira folks like Steve Tegler and Martin Cassado …

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How The Nicira NVP ESXi vApp Works

Earlier this week, I posted a primer on the Nicira Network Virtualization Platform (NVP), but something William Lam pointed out that I updated with a note was that the Open vSwitch for ESXi is not “Integrated” into the hypervisor.  This is in fact true, but that being said there is an Open vSwitch “vApp”, which is really a Virtual Machine …

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Nicira NVP Virtualized Networking Primer

I have long since said that I am almost never the smartest person in the room.  However, when it comes to new technology I do believe I learn what I need to quickly and efficiently so that I can at least understand the concepts of any new technology.  In the last two weeks I have done just that and completely transformed …

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