A Home Lab Use For vShield App Firewall

My vShield App Firewall Use Case The scenario for why I wanted to try and use the vShield App Firewall was pretty basic and is probably similar for most folks.  Everything in the “Lab” space is virtual except for some of the storage devices and all of the personal devices.  However I have the networking split between two subnets 192.168.100.x ... Read More »

2013 NEVMUG Winter Warmer

My Session At the 2013 NEVMUG Winter Warmer Well it is almost that time of year again for the NEVMUG Winter Warmer in Foxboro, MA!  The date has been set this event of January 17th, 2013 and as always we hope our Patriots are there practicing for the playoffs!  This is never an event to miss and is always one of the ... Read More »

How To Host Podcasts On Google Drive

Google Drive

Choosing Google Drive About three weeks ago I started a project in my house to move all of our personal pictures, home movies, music, and other shared files out to a cloud base storage provider.  I did some research and based on cost I decided to go with Google Drive for my purposes.  They had a native Mac sync client and ... Read More »

Why You Want To Buy Shakeology

Why I didn’t buy Shakeology for so long The funny thing is I have been a Beachbody customer for years.  I’ve done P90X so many times I can almost recite the DVD’s from memory.  I’ve also been part of the Team Beachbody community for almost as long.  A few times in the past people had reached out to me about ... Read More »

My Simple Thoughts On The Election

I rarely talk politics on my blog, and I will never tell anyone how I voted in this election.  In fact one of my friends actually accused me of being a communist simply because I don’t vote based on a given party.  I vote for the lesser of the two possible evil’s I have as a choice.  That’s pretty much all you ... Read More »

IDC Report – SocialCast Is a Leader

One of the cool things I get to do is blog about any news related to everything VMware.  Yes recently I have been the vCloud guy, and now Nicira dude, but I also follow some of the other spaces VMware is in.  Specifically Socialcast since we use it a lot internally especially for the new four-man Nicira Team I am ... Read More »

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