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Team Beachbody Canada Is Here!

Dear friends in Canada, the largest Fitness and Nutrition company in the US is coming your way.  That’s right, the Team Beachbody Canada is coming to you.   For some time folks in Canada have been able to purchase the Team Beachbody Programs through the United States channels even from Team Beachbody Coaches.  They new opportunity here is that now if you live in Canada as of October 1st you too can now be part of the Team Beachbody Coach program.  You can now open a United States Team Beachbody Coach business center and get commissions, discounts, and the same benefits that conform to the other Team Beachbody Policies and Procedures.

If you are not yet a Team Beachbody Coach in the United States or you live in Canada and are interested Contact Us and Sign Up for a Free Team Beachbody Login now with Virtual Fitness and when this goes live we can get you added to the Team Beachbody family!  Team Beachbody Canada is a huge step in moving beyond the United States and proves this opportunity is still growing!  So join the Virtual Fitness team and help us grow Team Beachbody Canada right out of the gate and become one of the first founding coaches for Team Beachbody Canada!

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With Julie Colotti as my Sponsor

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