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New Blog Site Launched!

In all my current work I know it is crazy to think that I have time to maintain yet another blog site or venture.  However, in just over a week my wife will be leaving her job to do what she loves.  She will be focussing full time on her new business called Julie Ann’s Quilting & More.  Now one can deduce that website is also another one that I happen to manage and run for her.  That my friends is NOT the new site I am speaking of.  I am referring to yet ANOTHER new one that I am launching called Virtual Fitness.

The reason my wife starting her business is important, because it has taking me to a place where I realize what one of my real passions happens to be.  Her’s is sewing and creating things from nothing and now she gets to do nothing but that.  I love what I do for VMware and that will never change.  Next to my good friend Duncan Epping I have the coolest job in the company working for the Center of Excellence.  My passion outside of work however has become health and fitness.  Specifically the Beachbody programs of P90X and P90X2 most recently.  Beachbody offers a unique opportunity for people to become “coaches” to help others meet their fitness goals.  I decided a few weeks ago that some of my off time will be spent doing just that.  I wrote an initial article about it but now it is taking shape.

This new site will be dedicated to helping people I have connected with reach their fitness goals.  I have seen already on Twitter many conversations about people wanting to get fit.  In this new site you will find my story, some really bad before photos as well as current photos.  I already have about five ideas for blog articles about how I managed to keep the program going even while traveling.  What I would invite readers of my technology blog to do is visit the new site.  It’s lean and mean which simple content that will continue to grow each night over the next few weeks.  If you already have a Beachbody coach you can always request to be changed to me if you know me.  If you do not have a coach you can join my team with a free login then decide for yourself if you want to become a healthier you.

I’m very excited to move into this new little venture, of course it will not replace my day job, this is just my passion outside of work and I want to share it with as many people that I can who want to join the fun.  You only live one life, so you need to not forget to do the things you love.

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