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Bringing Fitness To The Virtual World

Many people who have been following me know that my only other hobby besides work is Health and Fitness.  About a month ago I started reaching out through Twitter and a new blog site, Virtual Fitness, to help others get fit if they wanted to change-up their routines.  The interesting thing I have found is that many people in the VMware community and IT space can relate to my story.  Many of us travel for a living, we eat out all the time, and generally we are just not healthy.  A few years ago I decided to turn all that around using P90X, and recently P90X2.  I decided I wanted to share and help others in our industry do the same because I know how hard it can be.  So I decided to become with is known as a Team Beachbody Coach.

The response has been great so far!  We have one group of folks from literally around the world, Tim Gleed is in Australia, working together to do Virtual Fitness.  We are already looking to get additional groups together, and there is even talk of some vFitness activities for VMworld with Wade Holmes and a few others.  I did want to thank all those that have been jumping in from around the Virtualization community and the world.  It has made me feel like I am making a difference in people’s live’s above and beyond the technical expertise I bring to the community.  It is really cool to be able to take my own hobby and passion and bring it to others.  I can also say these folks have kept me motivated to do my own workouts!

If there is anyone else out there that is interested in joining any of our challenge groups, please ping me on twitter or read more about the rules of a challenge here.  Most of the posts in our little FaceBook group have been really funny as well.  Guys seem to have a rough day of coding or dealing with work and have just been taking it out on some workouts.  I think many would be surprised to see the current folks challenging themselves from the community.  Some are pretty well-known in the blogosphere and Twitter space.  All I know is it’s pretty cool to hear these guys talk about how they are continuing to get better each week.


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