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Back In The Fitness Swing With New Learnings

So it’s no surprise to many people that I have always tried to live a healthier life.  That being said I have also learned a lot recently.  Mainly that 2 weeks of straight travel can pack on 12 pounds pretty quickly.  I’ve also been struggling with fatigue issues, sleep, motivation, depression, and a host of other things.  What that’s turned into is a new view on things.  To be honest, that view is now more about focussing on myself above all else.

One big thing I have learned is I can never expect nor force people to join me.  Wait….what?  Yes I am being honest here.  I have tried for years to motivate others into thinking more about their well-being.  In the process I have let myself hit new lows.  Just about four weeks ago I was tipping the scale at almost 175 pounds and 27% body fat.  This is some of the worst numbers I’ve seen in a long time.  I decided enough was enough and I have pulled back from trying to convince others to better themselves to work on myself for many reasons.

Reason #1

I am not getting any younger and the older you get the harder it is to do things.  My knees hurt, my back aches, I sit all day long behind a god forsaken computer.  I stopped hiking, biking, and getting out to do things.  Honestly enough was enough.  I hated how I felt and that was the bottom line.  It needs to be about me, my life, and my happiness.

Reason #2

I was getting frustrated with many other people.  There was a lot and still is a lot of people that I have helped who continue to stay healthy even while I fell off the wagon…..HARD.  However there was a lot more people that I was spending time trying to “Convince” that this was the right thing.  In the process, I spent more time trying to convince others, than taking care of myself.  That’s never a good recipe for success.  I’ve decided that if people want help, they need to commit to themselves first before I will commit to helping them.  It’s a two way street and I was putting in way more effort frankly than others.

Reason #3

I needed to try something new and along came 22 Minute Hard Corps.  We all bitch and complain about how little time we have and I am no exception.  I’ve done hours at the gym, I’ve done P90X and every other thing.  What I can say is I don’t care who you are….you have 22 minutes a day myself included.   However one thing I will admit to is I have never really followed a food plan by the book.  This time I am and I am even trying the portion container system and it’s working.

I can say that in the last 4 weeks (3 weeks of the ultimate reset and 1 week of 22 minute Hard Corps), I am making strides.  It takes time but it is working.  I am below 23% body fat from the starting 27% and pants already fit better.  My weight has stayed steady at about 165, down from the starting numbers over 170.  I am excited to work out again and maybe, just maybe I can re-inspire a few people that will stick with it long term.

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