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Free Shakeology Sample

Free Shakeology Sample

How to get your FREE Shakeology Sample

This is a very simple offer mainly because I want to get as many people to try Shakeology as possible.  I have decided to offer a single, FREE Shakeology Sample to people on a limited basis.  As with any free shakeology sample offer out there, I have a few small requirements to ensure that people are serious about buying and not just looking for “free stuff”.   I do offer these same packets for sale, and as you can see they cost us about $6.00 plus shipping.  Therefore, if you do not meet, or want to abide by the very simple rules for this FREE Shakeology Sample offer, you can always purchase a sample from me.

The Deal for your FREE Shakeology Sample Packet:

  1. This offer is for NEW Shakeology customers that sign up for our team only
    • Existing Virtual Fitness customers please contact us about sample flavors
  2. You must be serious about buying the product
  3. You must live in the US.
  4. You must first get a FREE Team Beachbody Login with one of us as your coach.  You can use either link below  to get your login so you will be assigned to Chris
  5. Contact Us to let me know you have met the items above and the flavor you want to try (Chocolate, Greenberry, VEGAN Tropical or VEGAN Tropical)
    • I will verify I see you in our customer list
    • I will ship out the packet flavor of our choice with additional information
    • I will contact you to discuss your health and fitness goals
    • If you order you need to use the login you created above
    • If you want more than the single FREE Shakeology Sample Packet, please order additional packets as you need and I will ship them all together
    • Team Beachbody Registrations using fake E-Mails will not get their free sample.  Your E-Mail address will be verified by us before sending out any sample.

If you already are a Shakeology Retail customer, or you don’t want to follow the requirements, but just want to try a new flavor before you buy, you always have the option to order additional Shakeology Packets  from mw.

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