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Why Move To Tennessee?

Many people by now have heard that Julie and I were looking at land in Greenville, TN to start a new home build.  After a nearly combined 65 years in New Hampshire, we decided that we’ve pretty much had enough of the winters here.  That happens to most people at some point that they decide it is time to move to a new environment.  We looked at a few places we thought we’d like from Washington State to North Carolina and after doing some research we decided on Tennessee for a couple of key reasons.  I figured it was easy to just drop them in a note so I don’t have to keep answering the same question.

  1. No State Income Tax – The same as New Hampshire
  2. About 50% lower property taxes
  3. Much less for automobile registrations
  4. Lower gas prices
  5. Lower land prices (Big factor)
  6. Overall lower cost of living
  7. Within a 1-6 hour drive from any number of NASCAR tracks
  8. REAL Comcast 105Meg Internet is available!  I even checked the neighbor locations and they are already customers of Comcast
  9. Really nice people
  10. Still have access to local farms for fresh clean foods

At this point we have signed a contract on approximately 15 acres of land and are working through to closing on that.  The next steps will be to begin designing and we will go from there.  We pretty much plan on taking our time into 2014 to get it all done.  At some point we will put up a separate blog for friends and family to follow the progress.  We are actually out of the gate re-subdividing the lot to parse off a couple of lots to sell off right away as a 1 acre and a 2 acre that is at the front of the property.  So if anyone is interested in some nice land….let me know!

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