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The “Haves” and The “Have Nots”

Recently I was told by someone who while they considered themselves as one of the “Have Nots”, I was living the good life as one of the “Haves”.  I was up part of the night thinking about this and it did not make sense to me.  We are all faced with life decisions, learning opportunities, and things that shape us.  We all have the potential to be and do great things.  John C Maxwell has taught me that potential lives inside us all to become part of the “Haves” if and only if we want to grow to our full potential.

I was raised by two parents that are still together and I considered early years pretty normal.  It was normal to me based on my environment.  Someone else’s sense of normal could be completely different because it is based on perspective.  My perspective of dysfunctional is based on my sense of “normal” and vice-versa.  We all peer through the cube of life from a different angle and we all see it differently.  We can never claim to know what another person’s view of “normal” is.  Later on it became very much not normal, but I continued to strive to build myself into who I am today with the love and support of my family and friends.  Even today I continue to shift my environment as the need changes for me to grow further.

For better or worse I have begun spending time with people who are more positive, who add value to others.  I have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle and take time in my life for the things I enjoy doing.  Some have called that materialistic, but I view it as celebrating the wins in my life and rewarding myself with something I worked hard for.  Had I made different decisions early on I’m not sure where I would have been compared to where I am now.  We can all speculate that about ourselves, but I digress.

Back to the “Haves” and the “Have Nots” though.  No matter who you are or where you are in your career or life there will always be someone ahead of you.  I could ver well consider a close friend of my one of the “Haves” because he has made millions of dollars in his career and I have not.  Does that make me in my view of the world a “Have Not”?  I have never seen it that way.  That same man has mentored me and helped me become better in my stage of life and career to get to where I am.  No matter your “level” you can always perceive yourself to be a “Have Not”, but that’s if you chose to accept it.

If you don’t try to create the future you want you must endure the future you get – John C Maxwell

I love that quote because it is very much what I am saying.  I have never told myself I am a “Have Not” because I have learned not to compare myself to others.  Another one of Mr Maxwell’s laws in fact.  I guess the point here is nobody is a “Have” or “Have Not”, you are only that way of that’s the way you have chosen to think.  I love the teachings of Mr Maxwell and he has truly changed my way of thinking and my life.  I am so glad I was able to see him in person and understand more of what he is saying.

Good luck reaching your potential and never think you are a “Have Not”, simply grow yourself to your full potential.

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