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The Best Vacations Around

After just coming off an incredible vacation I thought it was fitting to write up a few thoughts on what I think is the best overall vacation you can have.  That my friends is a Royal Caribbean Cruise.  Really any of their ships are incredible, but if you have the means, I highly suggest the Oasis Class.  At 220,000 tons and 5400 passengers, it truly is the most incredible thing you can experience.  There is 5 distinct neighborhoods, dual rock climbing walls, a zip line 10 decks above the Boardwalk, and two FlowRider pools.  Not to mention more places to eat than the town I live in.  You will be so amazed at the size of this ship and the amount of things to do just onboard.  Having just gotten back I can say I miss waking up to those sunny warm days, walking out on the balcony to breath in the fresh Caribbean air.  That being said……my saving grace is that we booked another one for next year on the sister ship Allure of the Seas.

So for any of those that want to have the most relaxing vacation where you are TRULY disconnected from the world for a week, and I mean completely, take a look at the Oasis Class ships from RCCL here.

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