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Cloudways Hosting Review

I think many of us are on a constant search for a decent hosting provider.  Personally I have used GoDaddy, BlueHost, a few random ones and most recently SiteGround.  As times change so has site traffic use cases, and my needs.  SiteGround was actually really goo initially and their initial sign up cost was pretty decent.  Where they get you …

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Why I Truly Hate Virtual Events as Both a Speaker and Attendee

The last few weeks I have been pretty vocal about this topic, as if I am one to hide my opinions on some things.  I do think this will become a split debate almost like a religious debate.  There is clearly two factions to this problem, but I wanted to consolidate my thoughts on why I have issues with this …

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NextDNS Now Works With The Ubiquiti Secure Gateway

For some time people know I’ve become a fan of the new service provided by NextDNS and it just got better.  In my first post about the service, the only issue I really had was the lack of a block page and lack of direct integration with the Ubiquiti Secure Gateway (USG) product.  Well as of this past weekend that …

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Take a Spin With The Cohesity Qualifying Lap

Are you a blogger or technologist, that was wanted to get more information about Cohesity and maybe even get your hands on the software in your own home lab?  Well since joining Cohesity, whenever I talk to folks that want to do videos, or write content about the product their first question was, “How do I get my hands on …

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Introduction To And Review of NextDNS.IO

The last few years, the concern about secure internet browsing, as well as, privacy have become a pretty big concern for most people I know.  I am pretty sure at this point most websites we use are secure with SSL, if they are not something is truly wrong.  However, for some time there has still been the concern of your …

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