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Health and Fitness

Ripping Beachbody DVD’s, March Promotions, and Sweepstakes

Time for a quick update on this site I think about some cool things going on in my fitness world in March.  The start of 2013 has been awesome and with the addition of Les Mills Combat I have seen a great number of folks start into a new fitness journey using this program.  Almost everyone including Rick Vanover and Chris Halstead to name a …

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Why Fitness In Technology Is Important To Me

We are products of our environment and our jobs, that is no secret and there is a reason why Fitness in Technology is important to me.  I’ve been in the technology space for over 10 years and I know first hand the pitfalls of working in this industry when it comes to health and fitness.  People think I am obsessive …

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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I find all the time that what holds people back from themselves is really their own fear of stepping out of their comfort zone.  I love the image above because it so simply shows that if you stay in your little circle you could miss out on the magic that makes things happen.  There are a few books I have …

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Chose Your Beachbody Coach Sponsor Wisely

I felt I needed to write something to help people chose their Beachbody Coach Sponsor as wisely as they can.  By reading this I hope you chose myself or Julie to be that sponsor, but people need to understand the importance of this process.  There are some things about chosing your Beachbody Coach Sponsor that you need to tink about. …

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Calculating Calories Burned Doing Insanity

Tools for Calculating Calories Burned The other day I posted an article on Calorie Counting and if it made sense.  For me I believe it does, but at the end of the article I talked about some tools for calculating calories burned.  I mentioned in the previous article the tools I use are: (Aria Scale and FitBit One …

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Beachbody Coach Business – Why You Don’t Have Time

The Beachbody Coach Business Is Not For You Wait, what are you saying, you are an avid proponent of the Beachbody Coach Business Chris!  Ah, but yes I am and now I have your attention.  This is something I hear from so many people.  In one breath they talk about how they need some extra money, and they cannot afford …

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