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The Balance Between Personal and Professional

This week has been, let’s just say an interesting one.  After many conversations and internalization I did think I needed to post something about this topic of personal and professional lines.  I’ve had this challenge since I joined social media over a decade ago.  Your personal name and brand is …

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Stop Trusting Spanning Backup with Your Data

This has been a difficult thing to try and wrap my head around, but the following is a story about how Spanning Backup simply DELETED all my backups from the last 3+ years.  What I am going to detail in the paragraphs to follow is not only a timeline of …

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The Great Calendar Debate

Yesterday I posted a tweet that had a little bit of discussion so I felt a bit more context and explanation was needed.  At the end of the day almost everyone in a corporate job uses technology that allows access to everyone’s calendar….provided people actually keep it up to date …

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Free Advice On Debt Reduction

I am not a financial advisor, or a wizard.  What I do have is a lot of common sense, and a half decent head on my shoulders.  There are a lot of “pros” out there that cover this but I wanted to just talk about my own personal experience with …

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So Your House Got Struck By Lightning, Now What?

Saturday July 20th, approximately 1:33pm, it was raining, a storm cell was going through like one has 100 times since I move to Tennessee.  I was alone and I heard couple good thunder boomers off in the distance, but I went on about my business.  Julie was out grocery shopping …

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