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The Great Calendar Debate

Yesterday I posted a tweet that had a little bit of discussion so I felt a bit more context and explanation was needed.  At the end of the day almost everyone in a corporate job uses technology that allows access to everyone’s calendar….provided people actually keep it up to date …

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The 2020 Cohesity vExpert Gift Progam

Every year Cohesity, like other companies that support the vExpert Program, try to do something to show their appreciation for the community.   In the past there has been backpacks, last year was some tee shirts and charging portfolios.  Every year it does get harder and harder to come up with …

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Why I Will Never Go back To WordFence

The last week has been more than a struggle dealing with WordFence.  I have five identical server builds that are all failing their scanning process with either out of memory or some erroneous error about not being able to connect to themselves.  I had paid licenses for these and did …

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Free Advice On Debt Reduction

I am not a financial advisor, or a wizard.  What I do have is a lot of common sense, and a half decent head on my shoulders.  There are a lot of “pros” out there that cover this but I wanted to just talk about my own personal experience with …

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Cloudways Hosting Review

I think many of us are on a constant search for a decent hosting provider.  Personally I have used GoDaddy, BlueHost, a few random ones and most recently SiteGround.  As times change so has site traffic use cases, and my needs.  SiteGround was actually really goo initially and their initial …

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NextDNS Now Works With The Ubiquiti Secure Gateway

For some time people know I’ve become a fan of the new service provided by NextDNS and it just got better.  In my first post about the service, the only issue I really had was the lack of a block page and lack of direct integration with the Ubiquiti Secure …

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